Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Needing HUGS

Hi hi hi family,
It has been a really hard week. I need an email hug right now. I am seriously stressed and anxious this week. We have a baptism this Wednesday for Lorenzo and I am so excited but part of me feels like it is unreal! I just hope and pray that everything will go well. Please pray for me. Please know that i really wanted a hug from mom and dad yesterday. I am learning more and more that yes, the church is run by our Heavenly Father, but he has to use i am learning a lot.
It is wonderful to see people who are sincerely changing their lives and coming unto Christ We have another baptism next week too and I am so excited. Her name is Virginia. We had a FHE with her and a family in the ward and it was so special. She came with her husband and daughter and it really opened doors for them to receive the gospel too.
I am happy that the work is moving forward. I love this work and i know that it is the Lords. I know that my Heavenly Father knows and loves me, that He knows my heart, my intentions, my desires. He also knows these people perfectly so I am learning to rely on Him more for help with them. I am so weak without that knowledge and without him. Really, I feel very humbled.
They changed basically everything in the mission, incuding mail. They are kind of discouraging family from sending big packages because I guess it costs more money for the church becuase they have to pay delivery people to bring it to the offices, etc. So...I will recieve packages every six weeks. We just had changes last week so I have no idea when ill get it, but its just in the offices and in safe hands.
Welll, i love you and hope to hear from you monday! Tell the friends and family hi!

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