Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet...

This  week really was a lot better than the last one.  The funny thing
is that I am learning, I am happy, and I lived through it. Amazing
how that happens right ? In Matthew 10, the Lord tells the apostles
to shake the dust off their feet after others don't receive them.
That's exactly what we need to learn to do. The worst thing that
dust can do is be a little uncomfortable, irritating, or annoying, but
its not going to kill me. A little dust never killed anyone...
I think. Don't quote me on that. Everything turned out fine.
Lorenzo got baptized on Wednesday and nothing went according
to plan. But he got baptized. He just wept afterward.
It was an experience I´ll never forget. It was so special.
I am learning so much and I am being forced to learn to
just go with the flow . To do my best but to adapt when changes
come. Virginia is getting baptized this Saturday and I am so
happy! She is so wonderful! She asked us our names and so
now she always calls us Ana Belen and Raquel. haha.
We've tried to explain that we´re referred to as Hermana
and Elders, but she always calls us by name. We are
working on kindly breaking the habit. Conference yesterday
was incredible! I loved every second of it. The member
were so faithful. It can be really expensive to take a
whole family to the stake center (in Centro) so the church
hired a collectivo ( a bus) to take them. We took some
less active members with us and it was a great experience.
One of the little girls in our ward ¨Cami¨ is seriously an angel.
She is 4 years old and has such incredible love and Spirit.
I thought about her a lot yesterday during the conference
when they mentioned loving like little children, and having
a willingness and eagerness to learn. I realized how selfish
and self centered I've been and how much more I need
to love others. There is a test at the end of Preach My
Gospel in chapter 6 about Christlike attributes that I love!
I take it every change but I went through this morning to
find what I can do specifically to have more love and charity
for others. Here is an idea for a FHE activity = make copies
of the little test and have each person fill it out.
I learn so much every time. Another idea...we
were meeting with our ward mission leader this week
and talking about PMG. 1st that every leader should have
a copy and 2nd, he told us that their family has gone through
the FHE manual like a thousnad times and that families could
use PMG for FHE lessons. I loved the idea.
Start with the families. Can you imagine if everyone lived
and shared the gospel the way preach my gospel says ?! how
wonderful it would be . We didn't get to see the Saturday
sessions of conference but they are going to give us a
Liahona next month when it comes out. I am so excited!
I loved Elder Hollands testimony of the Book of Mormon.
My love for that book has grown exponentially here on my
mission. I'm embarassed that it was right there in front of
me all this time and I didn't appreciate it. I think it was in
Elder Christoffersons talk about stewardship where he talked
about parents who allow children to make their own religious
decisions is denying God...or something like that. And that
quote he read from Elder Eyring. Wow. Basically I just want to
say thank you mom and dad. Thank you for encouraging me to go to
activities, church, seminary, sit down and watch conference ,
practice being reverent... All these memories of little life
lessons that come flooding back. I am so grateful.
You taught and still teach with love. I can honestly say now
that I go to those meetings, sit reverently, etc, because
I love God, not because I am obligated to do so. I hope
I can be half the parents that you have been to
me. I hope I can remember. Don't let me forget Ok?
Mom, I got my package! I cried. A lot. Right after
I finished writing my email last week, the Elders called
and brought my package over. It was the best thing in the
world and I really felt your love so strong. You are so
dang thoughtful! It was everything I could have asked
for and more. Thanks for being my parents.
Hey, guess what I just realized?
I have almost been on a mission for 4 months!
Wow, I cant believe it. Have the best week ever.
I love you all so much!
Love , Rae

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