Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The fruits of Paraguay

This week was a busy one. Honestly, some days were pretty
tough and I was feeling kaigue (lazy in Guaran­). But we
had such a cool experience on Sat that I want to share
real quick.
My companion and I were following up on a reference that
we got from a little girl who is always playing with the little
girl of a less active family with whom we are working.
She comes to church and told us we could visit her mom .
Her moms name is Graciela. We went to find her like 3
times but her house is confusing because it is behind
these apartments...hard to describe. Anyway, we clapped
one of the doors and a lady answered . We said, ¿Graciela?
and she looked confused but said, ¿sí? soy yo. We asked
if she was the mother of the little girl. She said no, but we
asked if we could come in anyway. She looked hesitant ,
as most do, but let us in. We talked about her family
and her husband who had passed away 3 years earlier
and her daughter who had recently gotten married and
moved away. She was very sweet.
We shared a very short message about the Restoration with
her because she had to go to work but she told us we
could come back the next day (sat). When we came back
Saturday she was just getting home from work so we came
in and she sat down with us. She was excited to see us and
began to tell us what had happened the night before.
Turns out, she has a new fiance and they're getting
married next month (VERY rare in Paraguay).
They were talking on the phone and she told him about
our visit with her and how weird it was that we called her by
name. She said also that she never lets people in but that
she felt like if she would not have let us in,
that she would be denying the Lord.
Wow. Anyway , her fiance asked her what we were
like and what the pamphlet looked like that w e gave her.
Turns out, he just barely started to receive the missionary
discussions also and that the had met with them 3 times
already. The both of them had gone to the Catholic church
last week but Graciela kept telling us that "it just doesn't
fill me" and "there are things that just don't make sense.
They don't really explain." This being the case, Graciela and her
fiance prayed to the Lord to send them the way and promised
that if they found it, they would follow. She said that
she was sure this isn't coincidence .
Family, our Heavenly Father LOVES His children.
This had nothing to do with me and i know it. But wow,
He really loves them. She also told us about many times
that she had prayed, especially after her husband died,
for comfort and direction. She described how she felt she was covered with piel de gallina
(chicken skin or goosebumps). We had a wonderful lesson
with her, and are going to have a family home evening with
her and her fiance tomorrow night. They went to his ward
yesterday so I am so excited to hear how everything went.
It was so cool and such a blessing to me. I wish I had time
to tell you all the miracles that I am seeing but there
just isn't time. I love these experiences though.
Things are going well here with the work. We found a lot
of people this week to teach. Besides Graciela , none of
them came to church, but I really have faith that they will
progress. This whole "respecting others agency" thing
is really hard sometimes.

Paraguay is beautiful , no? Its really great here. Sometimes
I am shallow though and miss my car and carpet and washing
machine. Sorry for being materialistic, but its true.

I was thinking as I was writing this that there are some fun
novelty things about Paraguay that I forget to tell you.
I know Grandma Dixie really liked hearing about all the
greenery and gorgeous flowers. There are so many! It is beautiful.
It has been really weird weather
my whole time here. Either way cold or miserably hot.
I arrived in the end of winter here. As summer begins though,
were starting to see more fruit.
There is this little orange one called nisporo
that its really good and we always clap peoples doors to see if
we can have some. There are mangoes like crazy here. They're all
over the floor. One of my favorite trees is the mora
(or blackberry/mulberry) trees. Delicious. We also see cool
animals sometimes. Tons of cats and dogs with missing limbs,
but also monkeys, and bats swoop down near our heads at night.
Sometimes I pick of frogs to scare my comp. ha ha. and there are
lizards too. I love it. Nothing dangerous. No worries.
Hermana Edwards

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