Sunday, November 1, 2009

...Small and Simple Things

Wow,  what a week! So much has happened!It really has been a
lot of fun and incredible. We had Zone conference and interviews
with President Callan this week which was so great and very much
needed. Our leaders are so inspired. President Callan focused a
lot on effective planning (PME ch 8) and following the Spirit
(PME ch 4). He also talked about obedience with exactness.
Well, I have to admit that I learned so much and figured out
that there are many things to improve. We focused on changing
some of the simple small and simple things, great
things WILL come to pass. We went to pick up some investigators
with a member (a young girl and her sister who speak mainly
Guarani­)but we couldn't get a hold of any of the other
investigators so we figured they wouldn't come.
When we got to church, we had
5 investigators that we hadnt even planned on being there!
One was a young guard who we always pass by on our way
home. We invited him to church twice when passing by and
he came with his girlfriend! It was so great! This
week also, We taught Virgina´s daughter. We thought she
wasn't going to make it to church but she came yesterday
anyway! It was such a blessing to us. Yesterday after church
we found 18 new investigators and were able to teach 6
lessons with members there as well as 2 other lessons and
1 to a less active. We had a wonderful lesson Saturday night
with the husband of a member here and it was so
special. I feel so blessed that my Heavenly Father gave me
the opportunity to see other people come unto Christ
and change their lives. That is the gift and how happy we have
been to see it.
The members have been so great too! I really love working
with them. Sometimes it is difficult for them to open up and
talk to investigators but it makes such a difference.
I am learning so much and have SO MANY things I want to
read and learn.
I am doing great and am finding ways to adapt.
By The Way... I got my packages!! And it came so fast!
Thank you so much! Well, I am out of time.
I love you all and have a wonderful week!
Love, Rae

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