Monday, November 16, 2009


Wow wow wow, what a week! This was honestly the best week of my
mission so far! We seriously saw so many miracles. I don't
even know where to start. Yesterday, 6 investigators came
to church (12 if you count all of their babies and kids).
It was the biggest storm I've seen so far here in Paraguay.
The streets were literally rivers. But igual, la gente
vinieron. We are working with 6 families
right now that I just love but are tough. Mostly, were
trying to complete families, where the mom and children are
members, but the majority of the time the husband isn't.
We did a special fast for them Saturday to Sunday and
I seriously testify of the power of the fast. It was amazing.
The most difficult thing for us has been to find the
WHOLE family together so we prayed specifically for the
OPPORTUNITY to teach them. Heavenly Father answered our
prayers. We went Sunday in the morning to pick up a
family for church. The missionaries have taught them a
lot before and the elders gave them to us as a reference.
The mom cuts the strings off of jeans all day for her work.
The little kids too. There are tons of Korean jean factories
and everyone in that area works for them. They live in
pretty humble circumstances but work really hard and many
many hours. We started going to their house to help them
and relieve at least the little kids so that they could go
play. They told us that they have a testimony of Joseph Smith
of the Book of Mormon, they really are a great family, but
we could tell something was up since it had been such a long
time and they still hadn't been baptized after such a long
time. We felt prompted to talk with them about the word of
wisdom again. They told us that they had no problem with
it and were keeping the word of wisdom. The next morning
when we went though, we found him really drunk and drinking
with his friend outside of the apartment. The kids were
watching. We dropped the cane pretty hard. He kept
saying "forgive me, forgive me please." We went inside
the apartment and his sweet wife was there getting the
kids ready for church. She seemed really embarrassed.
It hurt my heart so much to see how sad she was.
After many words with the husband, we asked him to say the
prayer. We all knelt down and I have never heard anyone ask
more times for God to forgive him. I started to cry as he
said the prayer. It hurt really bad to see him make a poor
decision for his family. He watched as his whole family left
with us for church. As we walked, the rain started and
we gave the little kids and mom our umbrellas. I will never
forget the contrast of those little kids in their home,
sadly watching their dad and them being in the church happy
with the members and their mom. The best joy and the
greatest sorrow. Were went to their house again after
church and are going again tonight. Were not giving up on
them just yet.
There were like a thousand other cool things that
happened this week. I seriously love being a missionary.
I know that God answers prayers and fasts. I know that God
lives, that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that through the
prophet Joseph Smith, God restored the same church that
Jesus Christ previously put on the earth. I love the
covenants I have made in the temple. I thought about them
a lot this week and realized how much protection I have
a missionary and endowed member of the church.
Anyway, please have a wonderful week.
I looovee yooouuuuu!!!!
Love, Rae

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