Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Spring

Hello ,
Happy Spring! Which started yesterday. Here I am in a cyber
where the keyboard is sticky, the question mark key doesn't
work, and the guy at the front desk is blasting music
by THE CURE. I love Paraguay. My companion left yesterday.
It was so sad to see her go. She has been amazing!
I'm so grateful that I had the chance to be with her.My
new companion is named Hermana Jara from Lima, Peru.
She is a doll and I am excited to work with her. She has
been in the mission 10 months. I have been really
stressed with our investigators the past couple of
days because only one came to church this week.
I know it will work out because the Lord needs it to.
we brought a member to the house of someone
we had just contacted in the street. The member bore her
testimony so strong and the lady ended up coming to the
RS activity that night and loved it. We're going to
visit with her again this week.
She wasn't at her house last night but were going to
try again. We had the conference with Elder
Aidukaitis this week. It was so great! He taught
with so much love and power. It really motivated me
to change some things that I haven't been doing
well and improve the work here
overall. It was well needed and i feel well fed.
I got some fun letters yesterday from Grandma D, Jessy,
and Dodi Weiler. They were so great and I was so happy to
hear from them! I hope everyone is doing great!
We were supposed to have 2 baptisms this weekend but
only one of our investigators came to church. I know
it will be ok. We are working with some people right
now who are progressing so much! We brought one of
our investigators to a baptism of another
chico in our ward and she absolutely loved it.
The power of the members is awesome.
I hope all is well with everyone! Sorry for now
writing Monday.
During the weeks of changes were going to have
p day on Wednesdays. we'll have p-day again
this Monday as usual.
Thats all for now! I am happy, relatively healthy, and
working my
hardest to be a good girl! I hope you know that.
Thank you for all your prayers!
Love love love,

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