Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank you so much for the emails! I got 3 letters today 
and I was so happy! I also got one from Sister Bloomfield
from the Missionary Training Center. It was great.
This week has been a little heart wrenching to be honest.
People really need this gospel because wow, this world is
just cruel. Some of the things
that happen to children and especially women. I just feel
helpless and it is really hard. Dad, brothers, thank you
for being kind to women. Thank you for being clean. I know
Heavenly Father loves his daughters. This country really
doesn't make me love men. The other day, we saw a guy
hitting his girlfriend in the street. There wasn't
anything we could do. It just made me sick.
My companion said that type of thing is really
common here. I just hate it.
The only thing that gives me comfort is that God is just
and that Jesus Christ suffered these pains for these
people. I believe that. I have to believe that. Sometimes
it is just unreal. Seriously, just evil. Sick. Weird.
My point in telling you this is just so that you
realize 1. How blessed we are to have the gospel
of Jesus Christ and to belong to the same church
that he established when he was on the earth 2.How
blessed we are to live where we live with such comforts
and protection, especially in Utah 3. The second
coming is near. As good as things are in some places,
the opposition is real and Satan is hard at work. Stand
tall. Please, don't give him the slightest chance to
bring you down. It is not happiness. Here's a specific
way that you can protect yourself this week. We have been
teaching about the Sabbath day to our investigators,
especially on Saturdays so they will come to church.
Wow, it is so important that we keep this day holy.
In our music, our dress, our movies. It really is a
day to sanctify God. It's the longest of the 10
commandments apart from love the Lord thy God...
I don't think the Lord would take more time to explain
this commandment if it wasn't so important. I really
just didn't appreciate this before my mission.
I hope that this week you will do all you can to keep
the Sabbath day holy. Really take time to talk as a
family about the things you learned in Sunday school.
Talk about the gospel. I know you will.

Enough preaching and complaining from me. The good
news...we have 4 investigators with baptismal dates!
Mariana, Raquel, Miriam, Virginia. They have to come
to church at least two times before they're baptized
though and we only had Mariana yesterday so we have
to push back the dates of the others. They are
progressing though and it makes me so happy!
Raquel isn't married (which is a baptismal requirement
if you´re living with someone) but she is going to talk
to her companion and she seemed so happy. She was
basically teaching US about the law of chastity. I really
think that the Lord has been preparing her. Physically,
well....i am trying to take good care of myself. I
sprained my ankle last week playing futbol, just barely
got over a chest cold that I've had since the beginning,
and have never walked more in my life. I'm sure you can
imagine the state of my feet...BUT, my companion is
a nurse, all my injuries have healed, I played futbol
again today no problem, and drinking tons of water and
wearing sunscreen. i am being a good girl :). Honestly,
I am not worried. I am doing great. It is incredibly
hot and I am always sweaty. It is gross, but alas,
this is south America. Well, i love you all!
Thank you so much for emailing me! It helps a ton.
Really, I look forward to it so much! Keep praying
for these people! I will do my best to find them.
By-The-Way, Elder Aidukaitis is coming this week.
Rumor has it
that we have interviews with him. YIKES! I´ll let you know how it goes.
All my love!!!
Hermana Rae.

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