Saturday, June 13, 2009

This was a great day. Rachel had spent Monday and half of Tuesday with me at Girl's camp. She was a tremendous help, and shared her beautiful testimony with the young women of our stake. The 'drop off' was really nice and organized. I felt very peaceful as she was escorted by two missionaries that helped her with her luggage and showed her where to go. Her brother, Kris, has reported that she looks genuinely happy and does have a third sister in their companionship whose comp did not end up coming. We are anxious to get our first letter.

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  1. Hi!! My name's Amanda Nelson and I just got my call a week ago to the Paraguay Asuncion North Mission and I am so excited!!! I enter the MTC on September 23! I would love to have Hermana Edwards email or address. She's adorable and has a beautiful testimony. Please contact me :)The blog site is just from work, but you can contact me through email or phone! Thanks!