Monday, June 22, 2009

Kris' District before they left.

Mi Querido Familia,

Hi! Another great
week here at the MTC.
On Sundays they let
us take pictures at the
temple and I got one
with my cousin Aaron.
I will send it hopefully next
week when I get it developed. We get to watch films every
Sunday night, and I also got to sit next him. We watched
the "Testaments" and I just kept thinking,
"these are my people." Well, I might be a little off on
the geography, but I am convinced
that they were speaking Guarani in some of the parts :).
I heard some spider/tapeworm/parasite/cows-getting-
Paraguay horror stories this week...I think
I have no idea what I'm getting myself into,
but I am so excited! What an adventure! Our teacher
served in Paraguay and taught us some Guarani phrases.
He told us about these older ladies that garden with
hardly any clothes on with cigars in their mouths.
hahaha. I already love it. He taught us how to say
"how are you, my mother?" to them in Guarani and said
that they will love you forever if you say that to them.
He told us that first lessons are
taught on the front lawn, which is made of mud and that
there will usually be more than one family. I am honestly
so excited! I have a feeling that my clothes, self, etc.
won't ever really be clean until I get home.
Heber Valley Girls camp is REALLY going to seem like a
luxury resort after this, mom :).

The MTC has been great this week. On Tuesday,
Bishop Richard C. Edgely was our devotional speaker.
I am blessed, no? He was great.This week (starting Wed)
is the new mission president's seimnar....
meaning Sundance, MTC style. Spanish is coming along well.
The more I find out about the language, the more I realize
I don't know. Most of our Spanish is focused around
teaching lessons or specific scenarios, so it's hard
to focus on grammar, but I am managing.

Most importantly, I am learning so much about the gospel.
I feel like I've always been pretty outgoing, but it is a
new challenge to walk up to someone and bear your
soul to them. I am growing and learning so much from
this experience though and can't wait to get to Paraguay.

Love you,
Hna. Edwards

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