Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear familia,

Hola! I am here and I am loving it! The MTC is a
wonderful place and I am having such a great experience.

My companion(s): Hna. Plessl is from Allentown, PA. She
speaks Spanish at about the same level that I do and is
so happy to be here. She has a great enthusiasm for the work
and can't wait to go to Paraguay.
She is very sweet and has a wonderful testimony.
Hna Wyatt. (yes I am in a companionship of 3 sisters.)
sis. Wyatt is from Laverkin, UT just outside of St. George.
She graduated from SUU and has been a teacher for the
past 2 years.

Missions are hard!!! No matter how prepared I thought
I was before this, nothing can really prepare you adequately.
I just need to remember "humility, not discouragement."

P-day's are Mondays. We went to the 7:20 am session and it
was really great. I love the temple and am so glad we get
that opportunity while here. I get only 30 minutes to
e-mail and hardly ANY time to write, think, etc. so
hopefully these e-mails will be sufficient.
As every other missionary has told me, letters
really count! Even if you want to
send me a quick little note on throughout
the week, I would love it! I get those letters the
same day if you send them before noon. Other than
e-mail, temple, laundry,
bookstore, etc., we study a lot on P-day. I am so
grateful for the opportunity to do so.
I have already learned so much about the gospel
and my Savior Jesus Christ. What an incredible thing
he did for us!!!

My teachers are Hno. Petersen and Arrendondo and they
are amazing! He actually served in our mission and is
going to teach us some Guarani phrases! What a
cool tender mercy. Hno. Arredondo is from Guatemala
and is an angel. He is a great teacher.

Sister Dibb spoke in relief society yesterday? !!!!!!
It was amazing! She spoke about the new value virtue
and guess what character she referenced as her main
example of virtue?
Jane Eyre. It was sooooo good! Then she opened questions
about Pres. Monson after. What an amazing privilege I have here.
Also, my companionship is in the MTC choir. It must be the
Spirit because everything we sang yesterday sounded incredible!
I sat next to Sis. Roper, a girl I knew from high school
choir who is going to Taiwan. We sat in the
very front row and I tripped (really slowly, haha)
in front of the
whole choir. It was pretty bad but funny. i have
a nice raspberry on my knee.

Anyway, times up! i hope all is well at home! I love you
all so much and thank you for this opportunity!!
Much love,

Hermana Edwards

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