Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting colder and no shoes!

Dear Family and Friends:
This week was FREEZING! and I thought that I was going to be fine with shoes until I come home, but all at once, my shoes came undone. With the rain, cold, and holes in my shoes, the Lord really tested my diligence. Speaking of which, my shoes are not going to last me another 5 months in Paraguay. I´m so sorry to ask, but do you think you could send me another pair? My feet will be forever grateful. But it honestly made me think about the pioneers and the sacrifices that they made as they crossed the plains. Our wet muddy feet are not even close to the bare-footed tracks that they left in the snow. I´m grateful the appreciation that this experience gave me, even though I did complain a little at first. I´m grateful for my companion and her courage and ever-diligent example. Bueno. Enough about shoes!

Not a ton has happened in the last couple of days. We have some investigators right now that are great. I think I told you about Veronica. She is the girl that we contacted in the street who said she didn´t believe in God. I told her that I knew she believed in God and that He loves her. She didn´t say much. The next day we were looking for someone else an knocked her door. She is progressing along and LOVING the Book of Mormon. It has been really cool for me.

I was reading Mark chapter 1 yesterday and it says that they were astounded by Christ´s words because He taught as one having authority and not as the scribes. I honestly hope that as we testify and teach that we can do so as those having authority, not just as another one of the "scribes" of today. There are so many religious groups so we really have to stand out and use the Spirit. That is my goal for this week and for my mission. I am really trying to be a better teacher and help my investigators come unto Christ.
I just want you to know how grateful I am for all of you and how much I love you.

Have a wonderful week!!!

Hermana Rachel

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