Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beautiful Pointsettia

Dearest Family,

Really though, poinsettias are thrown around like weeds here. They have these huge plants of them everywhere. The cream colored ones too. They are gorgeous! The dog was way ugly so we had to take a picture. I can’t believe summer is already coming to an end there. We have only a few more weeks of winter and then it’s back to the scorching unbearable heat.
It has been a week of many many miracles here in Ă‘emby. A few weeks ago we started teaching a woman who has been inactive for ten years. She is the mother of our former ward mission leader. From the moment that we taught her about the Restoration again, she has helped us find many new people to teach and has come back to church. We continued teaching her the regular lessons to help her stay active in the church and this week, as we were teaching her Lesson 3 (The Gospel of Jesus Christ), and she said that she didn’t think she had been confirmed so we called the secretary and found out that she hadn’t been confirmed and since it was ten years ago, she needed to be baptized again. She accepted baptism again, but as we did the interview, we found out that she had had some serious sins from before. She was so sad as she told us about. We have visited her every day and her testimony is growing. We taught her about repentance and bore our testimonies. She seems a little downcast though and she didn’t come to church yesterday. We have gone every day to her house and really have been praying to know how to help her. I honestly love her so much !. We are really trying to follow the Spirit and answer her doubts. It made me think a lot about our Savior. The sins of only a few weigh on me heavily and I am so saddened for them. My own sins are burdensome enough. I cannot comprehend what Christ suffered for us, but I love Him and am so grateful for His love for us and obedience to the Father.
Things are great with my companion. She is ever an example to me of faith, patience, diligence, and love. I love her and we are prepared to fight for every one of our investigators.

I love you all!!


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