Monday, February 22, 2010

Poor Puppies:(

Dear Family;
This week has been wild! We got rejected like crazy and I think I broke my
sweating record We went to Rosa's house and they had killed the puppies because they couldn’t feed them. We were a little distraught to find out that we had marched those little puppies right to their death. But alas, all dogs go to heaven.
It is always kind of cool to see rejection. I know that the Lord tests us to see if we will be faithful through trials. We thanked our heavenly Father this week
because we knew it meant that we were going to see more miracles, and we did! We found
some awesome investigators this week and one of the families that we have been working
with for a while came to church and have a baptismal date! We were so happy. When we got there the district president (like the stake president, just for branches) was there and gave a talk and an awesome testimony. It turns out that he is an old friend of the dad of the family! It really touched our investigator so much and he was very impacted when we went to talk with them last night. It was such a blessing and we were so incredibly spiritually drained.
We had some really funny moments too and are just having a great time overall. I am so incredibly happy here as a missionary. I am working hard and being obedient and diligent so that I can be the means of bringing someone else to salvation. There is no feeling happier than that.
The members here are really great people, we are just slowly trying to make things a little stronger and help the people be a little more self sufficient. I
seriously am so thankful that I have been able to see the wonderful examples of strong
wards and leaders in my life.
Can you believe it’s already almost march? Wow. This Thursday we travel to Ciudad del Este for the conference. I’m sure it will be a crazy week.

I wish I could tell you everything that is going on but there just isn’t room. Just know how much I love you, miss you, and love being a missionary. I am so happy.
Have the best week ever!!!!!


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