Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

¿Cómo estamos mi querida familia? It has been a great week here. Actually, a little bit tough, but we are fighting through and having a good time. Valentine’s Day was not romantic here. Just a lot of drunks and rejection. It is way sad when people won’t even look at or listen to us, but we try to keep a good sense of humor and just keep going. MY companion is hilarious and we have a lot of fun together, just soaking up the experience. Sadly, it is her last change, so our time is limited together, but we are trying to just soak it up. I can NOT believe that it is already half way through February! I will drop her off at the mission offices and then pick up my new companion in about three and 1/2 weeks.
We found some really cool investigators this week, but none of them made it to church. We went to look for like eight of them and none answered. That is always kind of discouraging but we will of course keep trying. There is one that we have who has a really cool testimony of the pamphlet that we left her about the Restoration. Her husband came home drunk and tried to beat her, but she had the courage to finally stand up to him, take her kids, and get out of there. She didn’t make it to church because her lawyer told her not to got to her house in case her husband came back. It is a mess, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and already knows that it is true. I pray that she will hold on to that conviction and keep progressing. She is really great.
Church was interesting yesterday. We were church. I directed the music, the Elders passed the sacrament, my comp and I taught the Sunday school class and the Elders taught Gospel Principles. The 4 of us gave talks in Sacrament meeting. I am learning a lot and we are really trying to strengthen the branch. They are good people with great intentions and desires.
We had some funny experiences this week. We went to visit a contact that we had done and when we got there she had a rooster in her hand and she was holding it by its feet which were tied with a cord. I asked her what she was doing with it (but Hermana Redmond already knew what was going on). The lady told me she was just about to kill it when we got there and that she was busy. I just kept looking at it and stroking its gaggle on its neck. I just kept asking her questions about it so she wouldn’t kill him. "But...but...whats his name? How old is he?" etc. It didn’t work though. The rooster met his death soon after. "Let´s go hermana" my companion said. I felt like someone had just told me that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Poor thing. I love all the farm animals here. We found a box of day-old puppies on the side of the road on Thursday so we took them to Rosas house. They almost didn’t make it, but ended up living. We fed them milk from a bottle. There is also a new born horse that we always see and it makes me think of you, Mom. I love it.
It sounds like you had a fun Valentine’s day! I’m glad that almost everyone was able to make it there. I just want us all to be happy. We are still getting letters and packages every Tuesday so we are blessed in that aspect. It rained yesterday so the mud (with the red dirt) was incredible. It was kind of fun though. It felt really cool.
I love my grandparents and hope they are all doing great. Thanks for the picture you sent mom. That was way cute. Tell Anna, April, Lauren, Natty, Jessy, Etc. that I love them all and wish them the best. Well family, I love you all sooo much. You are always in my prayers. Thank you all for your examples, love, and have a wonderful week.
Love, Rae

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