Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Companion, but familiar face!

Hello familia!! It has been a great week here in good old Paraguay. We traveled again at 3 in the morning yesterday and made it to Asunción with the other elders. It was sad to see Hermana Redmond go. She was a great missionary and wonderful friend. I learned so much from her and she worked right up until the very end. There honestly was no "trunkieness." I’m very proud of her. But you will never guess who my new companion is...Hermana Plessl!! She was my comp from the MTC! Oh my word I am so excited! It seriously is going to be so wonderful to be together again. The Lord has blessed me with such great companions and areas here in the mission, I have no idea how I get so lucky! Yesterday we got home at like 11:30, ate lunch and then went out again until 9pm. It was a long day and I am looking forward to a long nap after this. I am so grateful for Hermana Plessl´s cheerfulness and positive attitude. It will be a great time together and I’m assuming we’ll have at least 2 changes together. ¡Que gusto!
This week honestly hasn’t been too eventful. I’m trying to make sure I know our area. Its a little tough because our area is huge and there are basically no street names or the streets have like 3 names. The addresses are " the blue house made out of wood with the mango tree in front of it." Too bad ALL the houses have mango trees. haha. But it has been a miracle to see how heavenly father has blessed us to find people again and visit them in their homes. Yesterday went well and I am very grateful for that.
The changes were really fun yesterday. I saw Hermana Jara and she is doing great! I promised her that we would go to Machu Pichu together some day, so I am planning on that. She is so funny and doing really well. She and the Elders told me that Amambay is doing great and that José’s sister’s baptism was wonderful and that basically the whole world was there. I think it really lifted the moral of the ward. I still haven’t gotten my little package from José but I should be getting it soon. I also saw Elders Lowe and Petersen from the MTC and they seem to be doing great. I was happy to see that. Oh! And I forgot to mention that I finally saw Elder Bowers and Elder Velluto from high school. It was so much fun to talk to them.
Well, I am in the middle of writing all of you personal little letters and getting a CD ready to send for next Tuesday. Sorry that I am kind of short on words and on time. I love you all immensely though and will talk to you soon!!!

All my love,


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