Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, it is now officially guava season. No offense, but the stuff they give on the
Airplane going to Hawaii doesn’t even compare to the real thing. I will most definitely be eating/drinking a lot more your memory Jord.
The work here this week has been really great. A whole lot of rain and rivery
streets. The 3 sisters are doing great and are so adorable. We took the oldest to a young women’s activity on Saturday which she really enjoyed. We put a goal for her to read the Book of Mormon and she started that second. We gave her a pink highlighter and she was marking like crazy, explaining what she liked, and loving it. I was so extremely happy. The members have been helping us a lot with her and Dad, I am glad that you are doing the same there in West Jordan. I absolutely love this ward and all that they do. They were so great with our new family converts this week. I felt like they were the most popular kids in school. Everyone wanted to talk with them and sit by them. They even brought their cousin to church with them. We had them read Joseph Smith history this week and are now starting to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. It was amazing to hear from their own mouths the things they had read and how impressed they were with Joseph Smith. We are now pointing them toward the temple. And to think that we found the mother sweeping outside of her house. What a miracle it has been for me.
My companion and I are having such a great time together here in Amambay. I seriously love her and am sad that our time together is coming to an end. We still have like 2 1/2 weeks but 3 changes together is a ton. I will miss her and we have a goal to meet up in Lima, go to the beach, but most of all Machu PIchu. I heard they’re closing it this year though! If that is true, I’ll die. I hope not!
Speaking of Book of Mormon sites, I was reading in Mormon about the wars on the hill Cumorah and all of the thousands that died there. Well, I knew that the plates were buried there but I didn’t know that it’s also where the Nephites became extinct! Have historians found anything there too as evidence? I never knew, but it is definitely on my list of places to see. The promises that are given to the brother of Jared about North America are incredible. I’m like obsessed. It is so awesome. I am fascinated. I hope we are all studying the Book of Mormon!
Also, I loved Elder Holland’s talk this month in the Liahona (Ensign) about Lot’s wife. I hope we’ll all take the time to read it. It is such a cool perspective on faith.
Well, I LOVE you all! I always think of little things that I want to tell you guys but I never remember when email time comes. Know that I am healthy, happy, and loving my mission.
Cariosamente, Hermana Edwards

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  1. Hola Hermana - I served in Amambay in June, July-ish of 2001. What a special ward! Anyway, I have a google news/blog alert for Paraguay and sometimes missionary blogs come up. Best of luck - you are so luck to be there!

    PS - I taught la Hermana Librada Baez and her family when I was there