Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi Familia!
How are you all?!! Thank you for the letters and e-mails. Jord, your e-mail helped a lot. It's going to be a huge shock when I get to Paraguay and don't know Guarani and there are no familiar faces...BUT, hopefully I will manage. The Lord will provide a way.

This week has been great and has FLOWN by! The weeks are so fast. Yesterday was my
half-way mark in the MTC. Exactly 4 1/2 Weeks. I can't beleive it. I saw my room mate Lauren and Natty, my sweet friend in the TRC this week and it was so fun! They are so great and I miss my friends and family, but all is well.

Yesterday in RS Margaret D. Nadauld spoke! It was amazing! Mom, you would have loved it! And I got to go and meet and talk to her after. IT was so much fun. She is a solid lady. She talked about how all of us are temples. She pointed out the differences between the Pioneer temples, the Hong Kong temple, Vernal, etc and how of them are so beautiful to look at but so different from each other. People come from all over the world to look at them. Only the finest materials are put inside. Likewise, we need to take care of our bodies on the outside and and put only the finest knowledge, food, spiritual experiences, etc. inside. We may not look like out sister's San Diego temple, but we are all beautiful and need to make our temple the best it can be.

My meeting with Richard Heaton was great. He had my companions come in also and sat down with us for about 15 minutes just getting to know us and talking to us. He told me about how much he loved you Dad and how grateful he was for you and what a winner mom is. I fully agree on all counts. He is a great man and SO busy!! I know that it was a sacrifice for him to meet with us but I am so grateful that he did. He says hello.

I'm starting to feel guilty because I LOVE receiving letters and packages but hardly have any time to write back. We have the temple on Mondays again and we have been scheduling appointments during letter writing time because I really feel like we need to make the best use of our time while we have these resources in the MTC. I need all the practice I can get!! We have study at 1:30 today and we are teaching lesson 1 in Spanish for the first time today at 2:00! I'm nervous but so excited! This work is amazing and I am learning a ton every day.

Love you all so much! Sorry I have to run. LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!

Hermana Edwards

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