Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Family!

The 4th was a little tough here at the MTC. Great, but definitely a hard holiday to miss. Richard Heaton organized a program for the 4th called "the Standard of Truth" about all the people who facilitated the Restoration. Each of the perspectives was told by the historical figure i.e Paul (Saul), Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, John Calvin, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and of course Joseph Smith. Some of the costumes were a little funny, but I thought the message was so beautiful and gave me such a great perspective of the grand plan in heaven for those who were called and chosen by God to facilitate the Restoration of the gospel.

On Sat. night we got to stay out until 11:00 (!) which is way late for missionaries. We watched the fireworks from Stadium of Fire. It was a lot of fun and one of the sisters in our room gave us all glowsticks to play with. After a package of gummies and Gushers, my glowstick soon became a lightsaber and wand which I had a lot of fun with, especially while pretending to cast spells that ensued fireworks. Simple pleasures. Basilisks in the shower, everyone in suits, and a boy that looks like Draco Malfoy...I really am at Hogwarts. Don't worry, I am behaving myself.

Have you read "Jesus the Christ"? It is a amazing! I haven't gotten to read all
of it but I occasionally read sections for my personal study and I love it. So
interesting. I really feel like I am getting to know my Savior better by learning about his life and ministry.

I am also obsessed with "Preach My Gospel". It is incredible! Please use it in
Family Home Evening or Scripture Study or whenever you can. It is amazing! Also, Dad and Mom, have you read the ensign this month yet? they are some great talks about adversity and trials that reminded me of the discussion we had before I left. And Dad's talk. They are great. You should read them.

I love you all I haven;t gotten mail since Thurs though because of the holiday though so I will write more later. Anyway, love you love you love you!

-Sister Edwards

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  1. You dont know me, but I know some of your friends. Saw that you were serving in the Asuncion Mission, and I freaked. I got back from there in October '07. I loved it. You will have an incredible mission. You have chipa, empedrado, vori vori, gnochis, Pulp, empanadas, Don Vitos, mondongo,guarini, the one mcdonalds in the whole country, streets filled with water up to your knees when it rains (which is really really fun), and awesome people to look forward to. I still talk to people almost every day that I met on my mission. You're gonna have a blast.